About Me

Adelle Walker
Small Home Office Expert

I’m Adelle Walker, and I’m so glad you stumbled upon my blog. To my friends, I’m known as a “small home office expert” — and it won’t take you long to find out why!

From practicing tips for combatting boredom in the home office to effectively cleaning office chairs — I’m committed to creating the perfect, streamlined office space that boosts workflow and productivity.

“Small Office Life” is all about crafting a space that you can truly work and thrive in — and that’s why you’ll find tips on everything from the best office furniture, to using the best of a tiny space, to developing a morning tea routine that will set you off on the right foot.

If there has been anything that I’ve learned in my 30-plus years, it’s that you truly can’t enjoy your work and be creative thinker in a space that holds you back.

Helpful advice!
Many people think that they need a larger space to do better work — but I’ve found that this just isn’t the case.

I’ve worked in many tiny offices over the years, from converting an office the size of a closet to a functional working space to making a kitchen counter top operate as both a work and eating space. I know how to take nothing and make it a functional something in the office space.

What I hope to bring to you through my blog posts are helpful tips that you can deploy right away in your life. I know that I benefit from my own advice because I practice it often. So you’ll hear lots about how to be your most productive self by taking breaks throughout the day, walking around to spur creativity and always making time for lunch. You’ll also learn how you can face each of your projects with your best self and energy by learning how to create an effective system for emailing, writing, editing and more.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve faced the travails of boredom and lethargy at work — but that’s really where the design aesthetic and functionality of your small office can really bolster your workflow.

When you take time to think about design and to craft a functional, peaceful office space — you’ll be more willing to sit down and get to work. There are small things you can do to make sure you stay there, too — like investing in a comfortable, ergonomic office chair!

Do I have your attention yet? I hope so because on this blog we’re going to have a lot of fun together. I want to bring you into my little office world, so let’s get started. Here’s what’s ahead on the blog:

  • Learn how to convert your current office into a beautiful, functional space on a budget.
  • Discover the right office chair for you.
  • Get ideas for re-purposing old furniture to serve your small office needs.
  • Practice the top tips of the most productive people.
  • Learn how to bring the outdoors inside to create a calming, serene office setting.
  • Create a plan for your day — and stick to it!
  • Spur creativity with surprising and easy tips
  • And more!

There is no time like today to start fresh with your workflow, and that truly begins in the space you spend most of your waking time — your office.

A small office presents challenges, but over the course of our time together, I’ll teach you how to get the most out of your space and to learn to love it all over again.

The start of a new year means there’s so much possibility ahead for your work goals, so get inspired and start designing.

I’ll be here with you along the way to show you how to cut corners and stay within your budget — crafting together a tiny home office that will delight you until it’s time to go home!