5(+1) Effective Ways to Pass Time in the Office

Getting Bored By the Minute? Here are Six Effective Ways to Pass Time in the Office

How To Timepass In Office. Photo Anil Chudasama
It happens to every working adult. You go to work every day.

At times it gets very boring. You feel unmotivated. You feel stressed.

You are being unproductive, and as a result that lethargy and apathy is affecting how you feel about yourself.

Your productivity at work is directly correlated to how you will feel mentally and emotionally – and that’s why it’s so important to learn how to timepass in the office in a healthy way.

Yes, at times we all feel unmotivated to finish a task. But if you’re mindlessly surfing the Internet at your office all day, then not only are you going to risk losing your job or getting in trouble with HR – but you’re going to come home day after day feeling guilty.

The key is to trick yourself into productivity by learning how to timepass in the office in the most healthy way possible. Read on to get our six expert tips for learning to pass your time in your office – and watch how it will lead to self-empowerment and happiness over time.

Tip #1: Set Small Goals

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the office when you have a lot of lofty goals. You may not tackle any of them because they seem unmanageable in a short amount of time. Instead of getting weighed down by big projects as whole, break them apart into smaller, more manageable goals.

Set daily, mid-term and long-term goals for a project and create digital or paper checklists so that you can feel accomplished as you check off those completed goals.
That twinge of happiness and pride that comes with finishing a small task is key to building motivation for continuing on with your goals.

So set small goals, and you’ll see how your productivity increases and you look up at your clock and wonder where all your time went!

Tip #2: Clean Your Desk

Photo Julian Partridge
Is your desk a mess? Does it look like something exploded among the papers and utensils and supplies you have spread across it? Do you feel stressed every time you walk into your office?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it may be time to do a little spring cleaning in your office to pass the time in a productive way.

You can’t work if you can’t find anything in your office. That same goes for any disorganized space in your life – and that’s why it’s so important to get organized and to purge on a regular basis.

Having a de-cluttered mind for maximum productivity means having a desk that matches your mind. So don’t let your desk get too dirty or cluttered. It’s Okay to be messy from time to time, but it’s also worthwhile to take a few minutes once a month to make a ritual out of cleaning your desk.

Set a day during the month for cleaning your desk surfaces from top to bottom. Remove everything, wipe it down with disinfecting wipes and then return all of your items back to your desk.

For a fresh and creative approach that could energize your own creativity, re-arrange your phone and computer in a different direction so that you’re oriented in a new way. A new vantage point sometimes leads to new thinking!

Tip #3: Talk to Your Colleagues

Stories matter. Our stories matter – where we’ve come from, where we are going, and where we want to go in the future. But it’s not just our stories that make a diffidence. It’s listening to the stories of others that have the power to truly change us.

Passing the time productively in the office can be as easy as reaching out to your colleagues and learning more about them. Among tight-knit teams, this is so important and rarely to colleagues make time to really get to know one another.

Helpful advice!
Make it a goal to visit the desk of five new colleagues throughout the week. This can be a short fly-by visit, where you pass by to ask if your colleague has time to chat.
Make it casual and ask questions that allow you to get to know your colleague as a friend and as professional.

Even better, take a break for lunch and get to know each other over a meal. There is nothing better to pass time in the office that to learn a new story about one of the people you need to work with well.

You never know what life experiences a colleague will bring to a conversation or a project meeting that will be beneficial.

Tip #4: Take a Break

Research shows that workers who take short breaks during the day – at the very least, a short walk around the office or outside – leads to greater productivity throughout the work day.

That’s because a break gives your brain a few moments to shift and to restart. You come back to your desk feeling more energized and refreshed, ready to tackle that problem you couldn’t figure out or ready with a new, creative solution.

This effective time-passing action for a work day is not only good for creative thinking but it helps to give you peace and de-stress you. Think of your break as a peaceful escape, a quick oasis or respite in the midst of an unmanageable day.

You can sit in a different part of your office with the lights off and meditate or breathe. You can eat a snack, walk around your building, or read a book of poetry in the break room.

Find the peaceful exercise that works for you and makes you happy – and then take advantage of those small work breaks to make it happen. You’ll love the way you feel when you finally get back to your work day!

Tip #5: Take a Nap During Lunch

Take a Nap During Lunch
Photo Anoldent
Some companies endorse naps during lunch, while others may look down upon it.

But even if you can slip in a 15-minute nap, you’ll get the boost that comes from a short respite of sleep and relaxation. This is why taking a daily lunch is so important.

Try to take your scheduled hour-long lunch every day. If you live close by, go home for a quick bite and nap. If you can’t manage that, ask your boss about setting up a sleep room as an experiment.

Modern bosses who are doing their due diligence on office productivity would be wise to heed the idea of a nap time for adult workers. A sleep room is a great way to explore that idea and to see what benefits come from it.

Tip #6 (additional): Tackle Email – But Only at Scheduled Times

Research has shown that people who are most productive in the office are those who set scheduled times for emails throughout the day.

If you want to waste time throughout the day, a surefire way to do that is by checking your email every few minutes. Checking email is a necessary evil of work life, but it interrupts your workflow by distracting you from the big or more important task at hand.

You will pass time checking email at the office – but you’ll do it in a more efficient and effective way that leaves time for other tasks if you check it during two or three scheduled periods throughout the day.

For example, you might leave an hour in the morning, afternoon and right before you leave work to answer and send emails. You’ll teach the people who are emailing you a little about your response protocol by doing this and letting them know your scheduled windows for responding.

In conclusion, if you are feeling bored and unproductive at work – it very well could be because you are wasting your time. There are more efficient ways of passing time in the office that lead to productivity and truly get you ahead at work.

The key is in forming habits that you can incorporate into your everyday workflow that will help you save time and give it to the projects that need the most attention.

Remember that when you dedicate time to both good working habits and taking healthy breaks, you’ll not only feel more confident and empowered, but you’ll actually be more productive and satisfied in your job.

At the end of the day, that’s why it’s so important to learn how to timepass in the office. You’ll gain new habits that get you ahead mentally and emotionally – and will begin to set standards in your office that pave the way for your next promotion.

Don’t believe us? Just try a few of these top tips for how to timeless in the office over the next week and see what happens. We dare you to waste your time in a good way in your office this week!

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