Top 10 Fun Office Birthday Ideas

Feeling Festive in the Workplace? Don’t Miss These 10 Top Fun Office Birthday Ideas!

We live in a company culture in which we often spend most of our waking hours in the office — and that means milestones, like birthdays, probably will be spent there, too.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could feel at home celebrating your birthday in your office? With the increasing focus on celebrating big milestones in the office, more companies are moving toward making birthday celebrations a viable incentive to boosting employee performance and commitment to the company.

Fun Office Birthday Ideas
Fun Office Birthday Ideas. Photo Tor Lindstrand (Flickr)

Whether you are a manager or a team member, you can deploy creative office birthday ideas in your workplace that will boost morale and remind your employees and co-workers that their lives and contributions are valuable.

If you’re ready to throw a great office party, then read on to get our 10 top fun office birthday parties that you won’t want to miss this year. It’s time to celebrate!

Party #1: Strolling Cube Party

A strolling cube birthday party is a fun way to get the entire office involved in a co-workers birthday.

Ask three close co-workers of the birthday person to bring in a different birthday food. One person will bring cake, plates and forks. One person will bring ice cream, bowls and spoons. And one person will bring drinks, ice and cups.

Your employees can “stroll” from cube to cube in celebration of the co-workers birthday — and then drop by that person’s cube to wish him or her well.

This idea also works really well if the birthday person is the third person on the strolling celebration, so everyone gets their cake and ice cream and then picks up a birthday bottle of water from the birthday person’s cube.

Party #2: Office Cube Takeover

The cubicle takeover is a classic and fun birthday party idea for the office.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Gather all the office supplies you can to make a birthday banner.
  • Use colorful sticky notes to cover the desk of the employee — and then invite co-workers to write birthday messages on the notes.
  • Wrap your co-workers chair with the office bubble wrap for a fun joke.
  • Add balloons and a cake — and you have the perfect office birthday party takeover in your colleague’s cube.

The key is to take your office birthday ideas decorations from the office, using office supplies and surplus materials that are already there.

Party #3: Ice Cream Bar

Ice cream birthday parties are wildly successful because they are easy to setup, delicious and bond team members across the company in a casual, drop-by kind of way.

To get started:

  1. Set up a long table with a variety of ice creams, toppings such as chocolate chips, carob chips and fruit, and festive bowls.
  2. Invite co-workers to come by, customize their birthday ice cream bowl — and wish the birthday employee “Happy Birthday!”

All you need are a few materials to get started. The best part of this birthday part idea is that it can be customized to reflect the favorite sweets and flavors of your birthday co-worker — but it also can have an option for everyone. For example, you can incorporate dairy-free ice cream options, gluten-free toppings and other items to accommodate allergies across the workforce.

Party #4: Happy Hour Mini Golf

As the work day winds down, invite co-workers to a game of birthday mini golf just outside of the birthday person’s cube.

You can set up a mini travel set with a putting green and a customized birthday flag. Fill a galvanized bucket with ice and beverages, and sip a birthday brew while you socialize and putt.

Helpful advice!
This is a great way to celebrate an office birthday in a casual yet still creative way — that also doesn’t take away from working hours. It’s also a casual way to celebrate without putting pressure on the entire workforce.

Employees who want to stay can drop by — and if they can’t stay, they certainly will be reminded to wish the birthday employee well before they leave the office!

Great way to celebrate an office birthday
Great way to celebrate an office birthday. Photo Jason Pratt (Flickr)

Party #5: Giant Birthday Card Reveal

The idea of creating a spectacle in the office for the birthday employee is a great way to show the employee how important they are to the company. This also is a rather inexpensive way to honor employees in your office.

For each employee’s birthday, order a giant birthday card and put it on display at the front of the office. Invite all of your employees to sign the card throughout the day. Then, create a birthday spectacle by cutting a cake and singing “Happy Birthday” to the employee at some point in the afternoon.

Creating a birthday spectacle in the office is a unique and festive way to showcase the unique contributions of the birthday person and to make them feel loved and appreciated by their co-workers.

Everyone — even people who are a little more reserved — will feel valued simply by having a giant birthday card on display with warm, appreciative messages inside!

Party #6: Company Lunch Out

If decorating cubes and throwing birthday bashes in the office isn’t your style as a company, then you can recognize co-worker birthdays by sponsoring a company lunch out.

Now, this idea works well for small staffs, as it can get expensive for large workforces.

But the idea is a really special idea, as it gives the birthday person the choice of where to go and it gives your staff an opportunity to connect outside of work by getting out of the office.

Party #7: Theme Birthday Party

For offices where “fun” is as important as “work,” a theme office birthday party may be the festive event that really brings everyone together.

The great attribute of a theme office birthday party is that you can cater it to the likes and interests of individual employees.

Theme Birthday Party
Theme Birthday Party. Photo Blake Danger Bentley (Flickr)

Maybe one party is an ’80s theme party in which everyone dresses up in their best 1980s fashion. Maybe another party is a sports theme or a celebrity theme.

A few theme ideas to consider:

  • Celebrity pairs theme party
  • Sports theme party
  • Decade theme party
  • Rock ‘n Roll theme party
  • Favorite foods theme party
  • Emoji theme party
  • Historical figure theme party
  • Princess theme party
  • Books-come-to-life theme party

This gives you the chance to figure out your co-worker’s favorite things in life and then to shape an office birthday party around it.

Party #8: Company Cookout

If you’re the kind of boss who likes to keep things casual, then consider sponsoring a birthday cookout during working hours.

Set up a grill on the back porch or in the parking lot. Ask employees to bring the sides — while you bring the meat and veggie options.

Start up the grill shortly before the lunch hour and invite co-workers to take a break, eat a bite with each other and have a conversation — all in celebration of the employee.

Not only will your workforce appreciate the gesture for celebrating the milestone, but they will benefit from getting up from their desks, taking a break and learning something new about their co-workers as they chat. They’ll return to their desks refreshed and ready to apply new energy to the work at hand.

Party #9: Birthday BINGO

Birthday BINGO is a creative and competitive way to honor an employee’s birthday. During the staff meeting or during the lunch hour, you can invite your workforce to the break room and pass out customized BINGO cards.

Each BINGO card can celebrate the unique attributes of the birthday employee. For example, let’s say you have an employee who really loves animals. The BINGO spots each can be an icon of an animal. Then, you will call out the letter and the animal to your workforce.

The prizes for winning can be creative items that benefit the birthday person — such as a free pint of ice cream from a local ice cream store or a donation to the person’s favorite charity.

This is a fun way to get your employees involved in celebrating the employee’s birthday and to give back to the employee and/or a cause the employee really cares about. It also is a good motivator for each employee of what is to come when their birthday arrives in the future.

Have fun with this idea and get creative with the BINGO cards. They are customizable — and you can make them on your own!

Party #10: The Birthday Flash Mob

If you’re looking for creative office birthday ideas for boss, then look no further than the employee flash mob.

This is a fun event to prepare — as it requires employees to practice a dance or a song — and then to take over the office with a surprising demo when your boss enters the office. The office flash mob also could be a fun way to build your company culture and your team as you prepare to perform together.

Plan ahead and consider the limitations/strengths of your workforce. If you can’t get a flash mob dance together, for example, maybe you could do a flash mob song instead.

Ready to Get YOUR Party Started?

If you’ve made it to the end of our fun office birthday ideas guide, then you’re nearly ready to start planning. Hold onto these ideas as you celebrate birthdays in your office throughout the year.

Ready to Get YOUR Party Started?
Ready to Get YOUR Party Started? Photo Yael Reyes (Flickr)

You’ll find that these 10 ideas are both creative and simple to execute. But best of all, they can be merged to create a spectacular birthday event that will not only be memorable but truly will boost the confidence your staff has in the company.

Research shows that employees are far more likely to feel contentment and value at work when the boss gives them a compliment — and you can extend that sentiment with a creative, special office birthday party.

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