Top 10 Best Office Bulletin Board Ideas

Wanting to Add New Energy to Your Work Place? Don’t Miss These Top 10 Office Bulletin Board Ideas to Grab Your Employee’s Attention!

Office Bulletin Board Ideas
Office Bulletin Board Ideas Photo Alan Levine (Flickr)
Are you a manager in your office? Do you work in human resources?

Are you looking for new and creative ways to engage with your employees and to give them information that they can use?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then a bulletin board in your office may be exactly what you need to create community, laughter and energy in a workplace that can be inundated with stress and frustration.

If you and your employees are experiencing some of the very common downsides of working in an over-worked office, then there is something you can do — even today! Read on to get our top 10 bulletin board ideas that will bring life back to an office stuck in the doldrums of everyday business.

Here’s how to get started:

Idea #1: Walk Away From Your Desk — At Least Once a Day

Create a bulletin board that encourages your employees to take a step away from their desk for at least 15 minutes a day.

You can demonstrate this through suggesting a few ideas and depicting those activities through photos or graphics such as:

  • Walking around outside.
  • Taking a breath of fresh air outside.
  • Taking a brisk walk around the building.
  • Stopping by a friend’s desk to chat.
  • Going outside to call a friend or loved one.

What you are trying to encourage in the process is a work-life balance that helps the employee center, gain energy and return to his or her desk more refreshed and ready to take on new work.

Idea #2: Don’t Waste Your Sleeping Hours

Sometimes it’s easy to keep doing more and more after you get home from work. There’s the next project to finish, the next person to call, the next thing to do.

But to truly be productive at work, you need to have as much mental capacity and energy as you can. So create a bulletin board that depicts a healthy night routine — which includes getting enough sleep.

Generally, enough sleep is between six and eight hours. But the point is to start winding down about an hour before you need to go to bed. So start turning off technology — such as your email alerts and TV.

Depict a step-by-step bulletin board that encourages a healthy night routine that will lead to great sleep.

Idea #3: Check Email Three Times a Day

Many employees falsely believe that checking email throughout the day makes you more productive. Instead, it can hold you back.

Instead, create a bulletin board that gives your employees tips on how to triage email in order to save time and mental space. You can divide the board into three sections: Morning, Noon and Night.

Then, encourage your employees to use an hour as soon as they get into the office, an hour at the noonish hour and an hour before they leave only to answer emails.

When you do this, you reserve longer periods of mental space for other projects — and that actually makes you more productive!

Idea #4: EAT!

A bulletin board on eating well and healthily is a winner in the office.

Use your bulletin board not only to post healthy recipes that are quick and economical but to remind your employees that they should take a lunch every day for their physical and mental well-being.

Sometimes office culture that is unspoken prevents employees from taking a lunch, but when you make it Okay by broadcasting it as one of your office bulletin board ideas, you’ll give your employees permission to take a lunch break.

Idea #5: Walk and Talk

Turn an office meeting into a “walk and talk.” This serves two purposes: You get outside moving and you get down to work details with a key colleague.

Helpful advice!
Turn your bulletin board into a list of different creative meeting ideas that spur creativity and energy simply by relocating.

Idea #6: Don’t Go to Every Meeting

Many employees feel that they have to say “yes” to every meeting they are invited to. Instead, why not create a bulletin board that helps employees say “no.”

By delegating meetings to other employees on the team or finding ways to avoid going to meetings all day, your employee will feel more productive — and actually will be more productive.

Idea #7: Believe in Your Idea

Many entrepreneurs will tell you that they heard “no” more times than they wanted. What if you really believe in your idea at work?

Create a bulletin board that empowers your employees to continue thinking outside-of-the-box and to not gives up the first, second or third try.

Success takes risk and creativity — and sometimes that means hearing “no.”

Idea #8: Take Time to Get to Know Your Co-Workers

You want to create an employee culture at your office through your bulletin board that rewards collegiality.

So use your board to advertise questions your employees can ask each other that will spur lunchtime conversations and help them learn new and interesting details about each other.

This ultimately leads to creative problem-solving on teams because employees begin to respect the different voices and journeys of all team members.

Idea #9: Commit to Learning from a Mentor

The person who has gone before you can guide you and help you avoid pitfalls.

Design a bulletin board that builds on the co-worker conversation prompts and challenges employees to ask a respected colleague to be their mentor.

This helps employees begin to learn from each other in unexpected yet rewarding ways.

Idea #10: Turn Off the Office Desk Lamp…and Go Home

At the end of the day, you want a productive workforce.

But they can’t be productive if they are burning the midnight oil, so to speak. So make it part of your company culture to encourage them to go home.

Let your bulletin board set the recommendations for a healthy office life — Going home when the office closes. There always is work. It will be there when you return in the morning!

Are You Ready to Transform Your Workplace?

Ready to Transform Your Workplace?
Ready to Transform Your Workplace? Photo Pedro Vera (Flickr)
If you had to guess: What is some the best advice the most successful people in the world can give to everyday employees in the midst of the daily grind?

The same tenants that have made them successful in life and business are all represented in this guide listing the top 10 creative bulletin board ideas for your office:

  • Take a break.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Create a system for triaging email.
  • Eat lunch.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Learn to say “No.”
  • Learn to keep asking for a “Yes.”
  • Invest in people.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Go home.
  • And more.

Sometimes, an employee needs a little encouragement to keep going at work. If you think about it, a worker will spend most of his or her waking hours in the office — and that means the office needs to be as healthy and energizing as possible.

You have the power to bring that kind of positivity to the workplace through deploying these top 10 creative bulletin board ideas for the office. Have fun with it — and see what kinds of conversations come out of it among your employees!

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